Waxing Services

Waxing Services

Rochester, MN

Worried about unwanted facial hair? Leave it to the professional! Gerri Lynn will take care of any waxing concerns that you might have. She's not only the best hair stylist in Rochester, MN, but she also offers the finest facial care. She understands that your face is delicate and sensitive, so she will handle your situation with precision and grace. Rather its your brows, lips, chin, or entire face, Gerri Lynn will handle all of your waxing troubles.

Get the chin, lips, and brows full-service waxing experience.

Brow shaping can be a very delicate process. Let Gerri Lynn assist you for perfectly shaped brows.

Lips are a common area for unwanted hair, but it's a quick and simple fix with Gerri Lynn.

Chin's are another common area that require waxing services Gerri Lynn can provide.

Want your lips and your chin taken care of? No problem! Gerri Lynn does it all.

Side burns are always a tricky detail to manage. Gerri Lynn will make sure they turn out clean and even.