Hair Color

Hair Coloring Services

Hair Coloring Services

Rochester, MN

Do you want to make your hair really shine? Gerri Lynn will put vibrant color into your hair like you've never seen before. She provides the finest hair coloring in Rochester, MN. Whether you want to restore your original color or completely change it, book now because Gerri Lynn can help.

Color & Haircut


Coloring your hair can be a difficult process by yourself, so let Gerri Lynn take care of it for you. Coloring is the process of using a dye or tint to change the color of your hair. Coloring is great for covering up those stubborn grey hairs or for giving it a little extra vibrance.

With Gerri Lynn's color and cut service, she will give you all-over permanent or semi-permanent color and then a customized haircut. This is a great way to give yourself a fresh, youthful look.

Color & Highlight

Color & Full Highlight

Gerri Lynn can also add highlights to your new color. With the color and full highlight, you will get an all-over permanent or semi permanent color with highlights that will really complement your new color.

How about the full treatment? Not only will you get great color and highlights, but Gerri Lynn will also find the right style cut to match. This is a great way to really change up your look and make your friends say wow!

Color & Partial Highlight

Color & Partial Highlight

Partial highlights are perfect if you want to cover just the surface of your hair where the sun would naturally shine. Gerri Lynn can provide all over permanent or semi permanent color with partial highlights covering approximately 1/2 of your head.

The same service you would get with the color, highlight, and cut but with partial highlights instead. It's the same great look with the same great service so Gerri Lynn will set you up with all-over permanent or semi permanent color, partial highlights covering approximately 1/2 of your head, and a customized haircut.